Blog Social Traffic Spikes And The Fun Of It

Darren Rowse wrote about how one of his blogs had a 250k spike in traffic from some decent StumbleUpon and Digg awareness for a DPS post on Long Exposure Photography.

He wrote about the traffic zoom on ProBlogger and just dissected the day and how it developed to the point of tapering off.

There were a few things he touched on, and a few things the visitors commented touched on and what I had to say!  The post had the usual number of shameless or spammy comments and a few good comments.  See!  I do read the comments because if you have a good following, the comments help extend or add to the subject at hand.  I added my 1.5 cents to the fray also!

I've had good Digg and StumbleUpon traffic on occasion and it's kind of fun to follow and then the let down comes as the excitement dwindles, but you're left with the appreciation of how someone saw fit to submit your post, and then further appreciation as others followed suit for whatever reason.

Darren touched on the spike in Ad Revenue and the potential 1-2% conversion to permanent readers.  The ad revenue will go back to normal but he did hit on a solid, static number of converted permanent readers with that 1-2% conversion estimation.

I can attest to that percentage number.  I spent some years in sales and this will support how cold calling and email spamming works.  In the day, about every 100 contacts, whether it be via phone or email converted usually into at least 1 interested buyer.  Usually, after about 50 interested buyers chatted me up, 1 to 2 of them converted into a transaction.

On the almost down side of getting a spike in traffic, you best have a good hosting plan with your provider!  I suspect Darren purchased sufficient services to hold up, but a lot of folk can only afford what sustains them and this kind of traffic spurt tends to hurt their bandwidth and they go dark until they have at least a one time resolution with their provider.  Unless you have money to spare and already have a decent traffic rate for your services.

Any day of the week, a blogger would love to see spikes in traffic.  Sometimes it confounds me, but I am still, always appreciative, and hopeful!  Me?  I gave up on "building" my blog and now, I just speak my mind and let the cards fall where they may.  I also us my blog as a kind of bookmark service for myself.  LOL.  That makes me more picky what I bookmark, and keeps the important stuff right where I know it is, no matter what computer I am on, but internet bookmarks?  That's a topic for another day.