Computer: If You Haven't Upgraded To The Latest OS Yet

If you're one of the die hard dig ins who doesn't upgrade because like me, you think "If it ain't broke, no need to fix it.", there are some things to ponder if for some reason you do decide to upgrade to whatever OS on your favorite computer platform.

Literally, do your research.

I for one don't jump on board because I refuse to be a public guinea pig for a company that should have done more thorough beta testing... but that's a whole different thing.

The software you have installed on your system may not be Vista or whatever compatible and there may or may not be updates for it to be... more to the point, Vista may not run your software.

So before jumping in with the sharks on the biggest, brightest, and newest always check with your software manufacturer to make sure that your software will work with the newest OS. If you don't, you might get bit and find out you have to buy a whole new version of your software if you want it to work.

Of course, as time goes on, things are worked out but it can never hurt to make sure because if you upgrade, find out it doesn't work for you, it's such a pain to "seamlessly" go back to whatever set up you had previously that sometimes, trying to go back makes the upgrade seem better.

Food for thought.