Computer: Tidbits About Google

In January of 2007, more than half of all web queries went through Google, Yahoo with less than 1/2 of those.

Google can be used in a myriad of ways which makes it pretty snazzy to use, but there are other options out there, if indeed you are looking for such.

  • Yahoo,
  • Microsoft Live Search,
  • AlltheWeb,
  • AltaVista,

Then there are smaller search engines (Or I should say, less known) like
  • Blogdigger,
  • Picsearch &
  • TubeSurf.
(This list was compiled at the time I wrote this about a year ago.)

There's also
  • &
to search for people. (But I can also find the same or similar results using Google. I get tired of the sponsored results in Superpages and Whitepages.. but every now and then, I do get that extra result from them.)

If you want to look for blogs, Google, Sphere & Blogdigger seem to be the favored sites.

Google and Yahoo are reported to have the edge on movie searches.

For displaying RELATED information to your searches, is noted to be your site.

For image searching, Google ranked on top.

For news searches, Google.

For mobile searches, Microsoft Live Search for Mobile offered the most accurate local results, but only by a small margin over Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Ask City, and

Google maintains a comprehensive index for it's search results that gets refreshed on a daily basis. Many of the smaller search engines license their indices from larger players and then massage the results with their own home-brewed algorithms, or via human indexing, a technique pioneered by but now used by several search services. The Yahoo-owned AlltheWeb and AltaVista, for instance, each use their parent company's index, while Lycos hooks into, and AOL Search is really Google in disguise.

The edge for smaller sites is personal preferences of the users who may enjoy the interface better. IE: Yahoo search site is overjammed with all kinds of stuff, while the Google search page is a simple text imput window. (Simple and effective is my favorite approach these days.)

The article I've based this report on is at

Then again, at times, when I need to see variety of results from multiple search engines, I like to use and copernic agent, which is a desktop application that I love to use and when all else fails, copernic has saved my butt a few times.