Satellite Radio Doomed To Fade?

Satellite Radio Tidbits
According to Business Week, Sirius XM will end 2008 with 19.1 million subscribers and a mere 7.9% growth anticipated for 2009.

Did you know that the enemy of Satellite radio is the MP3 format? It was first developed in 1987 and became a viable market in 1999 through an entity called SubPop.

iPod Time
In 2001 Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. Then iTunes followed to sell licensed music to the consumer.

Apple has sold 174 million iPods. iPods and other MP3 players are the device of choice today for music listening.

The expansion of the iPod/MP3 player market into phones, plug in systems to play at home, cars with jacks built in, etc. means that iPods and generic MP3 players will be the hardware format for sound in the future. Music, news, features, etc. RIP, Sirius XM. It's only a matter of time.

Source: Podcasting Killed the Satellite Star, by David L. Smith. Media Post Publications