A thought on ProBlogger Comments

I love Darren's ProBlogger site.  It's got tons of great insight.  What I can't stand is how disjointed the comment section is.

I've been to sites where the commentators actually communicate with each other and it's a great community effort...  I'm not talking bulletin boards, I'm talking comments section.

But wow, from what I've seen, and tried, no one reads the comments.  They hit the post and then head straight to leaving a comment, with of course, their website as their signature, or linked to their sig.

I've tested the comments section and left some fascinating remarks that should have pissed someone off, but nah.  You're safe to leave whatever you want.  No one cares about what is said.  They just think they're getting themselves traffic by spamming the posts.  Come on people, "Another good post" is such a useless statement and it is obvious what you are doing.

They don't realize that they aren't being seen and that unless specifically set, WordPress doesn't add to your SEO.  In fact it blocks it actively as a default.  I like leaving comments and signing up for the comments that come later, but I stopped subscribing to the comments on ProBlogger.  The visitors are useless there.  Heck, why do I even try leaving something worthwhile for anyone to read.  Hmm.  Good point.

Me done.  But it is a great site with great intuitive articles.  Or as some say, "Great insightful post that i will apply to my very own blog".


  1. Very true as I had the same experience with many blogs, not just problogger.

    Big blogs usually don't put much effort to engage commentators, they just want to see the big number of comments posted and that's it.

    That's the reason why I love small-medium sized blogs, where authors are easy to talk with and comments have some kind of meaning;)

  2. But I've also seen blogs where there is a community that is interested in talking to each other. Those are fun to visit.

    Thanks for coming by!


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