UFO Destroys Windmill - Our Imaginations Are Sparked Again!

The Sun tabloid over in the UK has reported that strange lights (balls of flame) crashed into a windmill, ripping one blade off and damaging another. They report that the missing blade is nowhere to be found, so the mystery is abound. Or is it?

UFO experts are all agog about this latest event of the para-scientific event.

I don't blame them. This seems pretty exciting.

Of course, if you don't work for the Sun, you actually might report the actual event that occurred.

The National Wind Watch website reports that the windmill had a catastrophic failure due to icing. Furthermore, the "missing blade" actually fell to the ground,, damaging the base of the windmill and rolled into an adjacent field. So much for missing.

The lights that everyone seems to mention were actually seen previous to the accident and not during. What are people then saying they saw, if they did indeed see balls of light with tendrils reaching to the ground? Will-O-Wisps? Ball lightning? There are some reports of fireworks in the area so this amount of excitement is nothing but that, much to do about nothing.

Again, the romantic idea that we are not alone is very appealing. Worse case scenario: There are aliens. Then we can destroy their financial infrastructure too!