Can Cell Phone Usage Be A Right?

There's this fellow that took out a $10k bulletin board in the Bay Area venting about how the new Cell Phone law in CA is stupid and it is his right to talk on the phone whenever he wants.  The impetus of the billboard is to get people to start a petition to revoke the law.   ...  crickets...

First off, the law isn't working here.  Everyone around here has not let up one bit in regards to driving around incoherently while craning their necks to talk on their phone.  No one seems to understand that a tiny little $10 ear piece would not only simplify their lives, but keep me safe.

Yea, keep me safe.

Twice I've almost been plowed under my some moron who for whatever reason has to beat that gap in traffic that is thinner than his car whilecraning their neck to talk on their fracking phone. I've seen proof that most people can barely do two things at the same time, never mind three.  That is if you count balancing that gelatinous mass of what some would call a brain over the precious cell phone, while dodging oncoming traffic and gunning it to make their aggressive left turn cutting the traffic pattern and almost clipping me.  Oh, wait.  That's four things if you count trying to run me down.

So to the fella that thinks it's his right to talk on the phone while driving, I guess he feels it's his right to make it an even set of odds of running me down in the process too!

This feels like a similar scenario where people are saying that flashlight the registers alcohol on their breath is a vioation of their civil rights.  Frack you!  If you're driving toasted, you give up your rights.  Do you really think it's your right to plunder about and put people at risk from your intoxicated effort at manuevering your  multi-ton vehicle with your crossed up eyes and buzzed brain in the dark of night while little lights from cars and intersections blink away annoyingly?  - Give me a break.

Some folk need to take inventory.  That's all I'm saying.