Generating Commentary on a Post

Over on ProBlogger, they offer suggestions on how to generate comments, and thus some form of traffic on a post.

Their suggestions are:

    * Start a Debate
    * Ask for Advice
    * Ask for Tips
    * Ask for Examples
    * Ask for Experiences
    * Give Opportunity for Self Promotion **
    * Run a Poll

And thus, making the post about the comments.

All great and dandy, if you have traffic already.  The problem I see though is that it is embarrassing to ask a question where the post is dependent upon already having traffic that hits up the website!  I hate asking what I think is a real good question, only to have the post sit empty and unresponded (Is that actually a word??) to!

This does not generate comments unless you already have traffic.  Plain and simple.

**Giving the opportunity for self promotion is a nice idea, but in most cases, it truly is self promoting. 

Promoting to yourself. 

A lot of blogs that generate tons of comments are blogs that already have traffic.  And the other item I've noticed is that commentating participants skip right to the comment section and don't even see the other comments, so the conversation is minimal.  And sometimes I've seen folks that hit the headline, skip the article and leave comments that do not even contribute to the subject.

On the bright side, if you survive Google's reworking of the web and you start getting traffic, then these are all great ideas.

See, for me, my big question in life, if I were to ask the blog reading community right now, is:  Where the H*** does one find shoe laces that don't untie themselves in less than an hour?

Yea, it's a life bender indeed!  Every pair of shoes I buy, they have cheap ass shoelaces that tend to not hold the knot you make, and you find yourself within the hour retying your shoes.  That makes for several back stretching sessions a day!  Unless you triple or quadruple knot them.  Then they look stupid!

But since my blog sits in a quiet corner of the internet, I'll probably come back to this in a few months (or years) and answer my own question.  Oh my, so now I'm talking to myself.  Great!