Human Nature Looking For New, Wanting Things and Twitter

I found an interesting aspect on the attitude of new and existing social media websites:

Social networks (SN) flourish with early adopters, who are by nature fickle when it comes to technology and any bright shiny object, but social networks have difficultly embedding themselves in the mainstream.

They are referencing the ability of a SN to not only last, but flourish.  The writer said that when his wife is familiar with a technology, it has crossed over into the keeper side of passing websites!

Which is interesting.  Obviously a site like Twitter had something everyone liked because it flourished despite itself.  IE:  In the early days, it was always down due to heavy traffic demands.  Yet people come back.  Some folks have their website go down once, and that's it... off to another provider.  I don't blame that attitude.  When you run a website you don't want interruptions.  Yet I don't think I've ever encountered any website, anywhere, that hasn't been down at least once.  My rule of thumb:  Give anything and anyone at least 2 chances.  After that, it's hatchet time!

Back on track:
This is a fantastic example of human nature in and of itself with regards to the "bright shiny object" catch.  People don't always think ahead.  They sometimes don't even think.  They see, they want, they do.  Something new, leave the old behind.  See the green light turning yellow, go go go.  Don't bother looking for anyone else running their light.

As it was put once, people only seem to be able to see what they can hold in their hand, now.