Menlo Park (And Surrounding Areas) Raising Their Trash Rates

The City of Menlo Park, CA obviously has some issues, just like the rest of us do. Why?

We just got a notice that the City of Menlo Park is raising its solid waste trash rates by 24%. Oh, and though you just got the letter, it's retroactive to January 1st. It must be nice to do what you wish with your business practices, unlike the businesses they govern.

They're raising the rates to give the contractor a rate of return based on approved costs.

And even though renters are the ones that are paying the bill, the notice is written to such that only the home owner can write a petition letter.

Ouch and thank you MP. Will you at least provide the lubricant?

Fine... I thought I'd look into what I can do to reduce my costs. The reason I thought I could was that I have this giant blue thing (96 gallon wheeled beast) and most of my neighbors have smaller, store bought cans.

Turns out the service I was given was the most expensive service they have. They base their service costs on the size of the can!

So if a 96 gallon trash can costs $185 for 3 months, a 45 gallon can costs around $80 for 3 months. Zoinks! Here's one time where downgrading is a good thing.

The moral of the story is when you sign up for services, ASK about your options. ASK if there are options! ASK ASK and ask some more.