Shoelaces Coming Untied? Sanity Threatened?

Of late, my shoelaces have been threatening my levels of sanity.

I remember the days when I used to tie my shoes and forget them until I got home at the end of the day.  Ah, the good 'ol days.  But recent times have shown me that most brand new shoes these days come with shoelaces that seem to undo themselves within the hour after tying them.

I tried double knots, triple knots and even four knots but my latest brand of shoe has an aggressive shoelace that seems to want to desperately escape the region of my feet.

I finally took a few minutes to visit my local shoe guy... not store, a cobbler, shoe repair kind of guy and he dispensed the following wisdom upon me:

"New shoes come with Nylon laces and they don't stay.  Buy the cotton laces."

What?  Cotton?  You kid me, right?  No, he was not kidding me.  I bought cotton laces, strapped them up and then discovered I now have a completely new problem.  After a few years of cranking down on my nylon shoelaces in frustrated anger, it seems I tie my shoes too tight now!!!  And yes... they now stay tied.

The packages don't always say what they're made of.  I am lucky.  My local shoe repair store stocks lots of shoelaces.  He knew which ones were cotton and guided me upon my way to safer and sane bi-pedal powering!