ACDSEE, You Suck My Back Side

ACDSee, your accounting department / ordering process stinks.

In January, you sent me an email offer you can't seem to fulfill. 3x on the phone you said you'd contact me to take care of the problem. Helloooooo!?

Your online ordering system is asinine with no clear cut instructions until you screw up and then you get the red print or error. Only by making errors do you get the full gist of what is required.

I've tried ordering things 4 frakking times now, and your effing accounting department has put a kabosh on my name because they don't like my mailing address that I use with all my credit / cash accounts. Their online purchasing system continues to fuck it up. And calling you 4x doesn't seem to help either.

On top of this, they've blocked my name so the system won't even accept my certified paypal account that has cash in that account.

In the end, the online supervisor says they can't process my order due to complications with the address I use for running my business... They wanted me to change the business address I associate with my company for "24 hours" so they can process my order. You're kidding me right? Change my entire business infrastructure for one company... yea, right. Bullshit to you ACDSee.

I get it. You're so effing big, with 25 million customers that I don't count. No problem... Open Source GIMP it is.

Thanks for shedding light on this issue.

Sincerely, an ex 10 year standing customer.

PS: Despite this going on to 3 months of banter and no one calling me back, the folks on the phone were very civil and tried their best to work with me, but they were stumped by their dumbass purchasing department.

Bah Bye Acdsee... bah bye.