Changing/Setting Your Facebook Preferred Email Address

As you may be aware, Facebook changed things up on you last week by setting your default email address on you.  Where you used to get emails in your preferred email account, they've rerouted everything so it goes to your email address they gave you some time ago.

If you don't like that they've pulled the rug out from under your feet with this setting and want to set it back, try this:

1. Go to your profile page.
2. On your Timeline, click on the 'Update Info' button. Click that. (You can also click on the About page).
3. On the Contact Info box, click Edit.
4. The first item is 'Emails.'   It's here that you should see your new email address.  Put your mouse cursor over the symbol that looks like a No Smoking sign.
5. Click the down arrow and select "Hidden from Timeline." Here is where you can choose which email address you want to have on your profile. All users need a personal email address to sign up for a Facebook account, so your original email address should still be listed here. Just change the setting next to the email address you want to use for Facebook alerts and messages to "Show on Timeline," or the open circle symbol.
6. Click Save.

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