Curious How Much Agribusiness Will Spend to Fight Labeling Foods [CA Prop 37]

I'm no expert here, but I find it curious when an industry scrambles to defeat a bill that would require new labels for foods that are created via genetically engineered ingredients and other processes.

Proposition 37 in California, if passed in November, would require most processed foods to have a label that would apprise shoppers if what they're buying was created from DNA altered plants, animals, viruses or bacteria.

To me on the cover of it all, the proposition seems simple enough.  It's basically a proposal for open communication with customers so they know what they're buying.  If they know, they can be smarter about what they're buying.

And some shopping customers want that.  My wife if vegetarian and just recently discovered that most vitamin pills that are on the market, are NOT vegetarian approved.  But that's not on any bottle of vitamins she ever took.

To be honest, most info is out there... somewhere.  You just have to dig for it.  But to be able to pick up a product and know right away, is akin to a company who has nothing to hide.  And builds great customer relationships.

And hence, I have to wonder what agribusiness is worried about hiding when they're dropping $25 million on defensive measures to stop Prop 37?

"They" say they don't want to sow fear into the consumer.  But I'm very curious that one of the backers of fighting the proposition are pesticide companies.

Info like this just makes me wonder ever more, what the bloody heck is up?

Like I said, I'm no expert, but the following link is a Google search link to what is out there and you can decide for yourself: CA Prop 37.