Using The Droid Camera Phone and Not Losing Your Sanity

Admit it, if you have a Droid, you've probably taken some pictures with it.  Right?  But have you ever found yourself surprised by the pictures that come from your phone?  I've been surprised here and there and overall, pretty pleased with the imagery I get out of my phone.  As long as they're basic stills and scenes.

But while using the Droid camera phone, you have to keep in mind that you have some limitations and in the end, that this is a phone with a camera, not the other way around.

As long as you approach your photograph taking with that mindset, you should be emotionally OK.  Though at times I act as if the dang camera should have done something different or better and forget my own advice.  LOL.

But the huge advantage to the camera phone, is that I always have it with me.  Never mind that it takes what feels like forever sometimes for the phone to respond to a screen tap to start the phone.  Never mind that it's super sensitive to accidentally touching the screen... if anything else, you always have the phone, hence the camera, on your person, and that's what gives it the leg up on my other cameras.


When I first had my Droid X from Motorola, one thing I noticed was how awesome it was at taking night time pictures.  But after the last few OS updates the phone's capabilities have diminished greatly.  It's slower, it's night time focusing is shot and other little bits that made it less useful.

The camera phone is great for well lit, indoor scenes and it loves outdoor light.  And with the live-scan mode, panoramic pics, though not super-highly detailed, can still be awesome.

Self portraits are challenging but doable.  The zoom is tolerable but not horrible.  Hitting the shutter button, which ever one you choose, is finite but the amount of time it takes for you to hit the button and the camera to take the picture can be troublesome if you're trying to capture an image that second.

In other words, it's not a quick responsive, action cam and there is a decent amount of shutter lag.

But at times, the camera takes great pictures.  It takes great video. And it has great options.  You can't go wrong as long as you are aware of your limitations with it.  And have fun!  That's the bottom line.