The Elections Are Over - WHAT A waste! And Did You Really Think...

Well, that's it.  $6B was spent to keep things as they were in the federal government.  $6B.  And how many unemployed teachers might be reading this right now?  But as I watched the elections go on and the money dropped at all levels of government to get reelected seemed crazy.  Not only crazy, but wasteful.

And my peers were pretty revved up about this election.  A few so much, that I quietly unfriended them on Facebook.  I mean seriously, a bit over the top to such a point that I didn't realize how disrespectful they really were of the instilled processes.  This is why you never broach religion and politics amongst friends!  (Unless you are of like minds on the issues.)

But back on track to the issue of waste...

I had just happened to stay away from my mailing address box for two weeks and yesterday I went by.  I like having a mailing address.  It keeps the junk mail away from home and can throw it all away right there.  Yes, direct marketers, you are wasting your time, money and resources on this consumer.   That and I never have to worry about packages sitting outside my front door at home.

But as I went through two weeks of mail, I found myself throwing out about 50 marketing flyers for my local elections.  It was a mess!

And then I started to wonder if last-minute ad flyers to voters actually work?  There must be some premise behind why they pummel the voters with last-minute flyers.  And if this practice works, that's a pretty sad statement about the state of our voting environment, if flyers can convince or sway votes, well...  dang.  That would imply that voters don't always know what's up.  Or all these flyers sent out were a complete and total waste of time/money.

That, and WTH is up with Florida, yet again, in an election?