Remember That "Internet Going Corporate" Tone I Have?

Starting with version 25 of Google Chrome, searches in that platform will be conducted via their SSL route, further securing the data that web publishers could use in their Google Analytics packages.

The technical aspect of that premise is just outside my sphere of knowledge, but the end-results is that more user searches will be filtered (aka, hidden) from marketers and those who use Google Analytics, will be seeing much more of that mystery (not provided) showing up in your dashboards.

There are ways around that, but it's a pesky fix that requires creating a different stats channel.  This piece is not what this is about.

What is buggering around in my mind is that this seems to be another step towards squeezing out the little guy and making room for the big corporate guns with the cash to pay for the extra bells and whistles of real search analytics.

To be honest, it's not hard to figure out what's being missed or blocked if you step back and look at your top two or three posts and then look at that No. 1 blanked out spot... and you can probably do the math from there. 

For now.

But when will it start expanding out from the No. 1 spot into the top-5 spots?

For now, the little guy is still around, but my suspicious mind and this quiet move to shove us off the map of the internet seems, curious.

That's if I'm right.

The next best trick you can do, if you only using pure SEO practices, (which is no longer enough... now they want you talking with and engaging with other folks), is to engage your social networks.  And there are other, on-the-fly tricks you can do to determine good keywords, but that's for another day.

For now, that's that!  The above link goes to the site, Search Engine Roundtable. (Man, I've got to quit reading that site... it's unnerving me!)