DOMA is Dead, But "They Still Persist"...

After DOMA was dashed to the ground like a bad bear bottle, California started issuing marriage licenses to those who wanted one.

Yay, freedom of choice!

Oh wait, some folks are still hoping to ruin total strangers hopes and dreams..

Attorneys with the Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom (freedom of what?) stepped up asking the Supreme Court to stop the weddings because they say that the "three-judge 9th Circuit panel acted prematurely and unfairly when it lifted a hold on same-sex marriages."

Guys...  the game is up and over.  Let it go.  Your fight to squelch the freedom of other people's dreams is done.

These folks DO NOT represent "live and let live," but rather, "do as I tell you to do."

You can read the inspiring article at NBC Los Angeles.

Thanks to my buddy Trish for pointing me to this funny vid:

{youtube link}


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