DOMA is Dead, Yet Freedom of Choice is Still An Uphill Battle

DOMA is dead.  Long live freedom of choice!

Here's my underlying premise:  It's OK that you like something I don't.  Or the other way around.  It's also OK that neither one of us try to badger the other into our way of thinking.  That's not how life would seem to work.

Let bygones be bygones, right? (Isn't that some sort of proverb?)

Or at least I thought so.  But the moment you trash on me about how I feel differently about something that truly does not impact you in any way, crosses the line of my personal freedom of choice.

Why would you trash on me for liking chocolate ice cream when you think vanilla should be the only flavor available?  Just because of a book you believe in says it?

Nah, if you focused more on helping the hungry people in our country, you might be doing everyone a bigger service than wasting time and money on belittling me for my preference for liking chocolate ice cream.

But wait... oh crap.  I just belittled haters, didn't I?  Sorry, feel free to stay continue hating that which is different from you.  Sorry.

My apologies.


In other bits around the hateful globe, Chick-Fil-A Is still at it, but back pedals after COO tweet

After DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) got stuffed, the Chick-Fil-A COO tweeted how this was a sad day for our nation.  Then deleted the tweet, with the company saying,

"He realized his views didn’t necessarily represent the views of all customers, restaurant owners and employees and didn’t want to distract them from providing a great restaurant experience."

I'm OK with that.  But I never forget the underlying core of what a company believes in, because in the end, it's all an image dance to look good, because way too many people forget and/or forgive.


Then there's the State Representative who tried to speak about DOMA getting struck down, but he was silenced because he was in violation of God's Law.  Really?  Religion runs our political offices now?

Sure, in all our official deeds of life, we swear on a bible, but is that a valid proof-of-truth when any kind of atheist is forced to "swear" on the bible?

Maybe it should be a law book rather than "the book."

At least it would be more relevant for all who swear on it.


That's my two cents about this freedom of choice, for now.  -Bruce 
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