Get Flat Abs With A Patient Work Ethic and Lifestyle Choice

We all have this issue... or goal is the better way to put it... getting those flat or washboard abs.  Aside from eating better and sit ups, I was curious about what some sources had to say about developing better abs.

First things first... it's a lifestyle.  You aren't going to get yourself those much coveted washboard abs or six-pack while you're hitting up the apple fritter sources, Baskin Robbins or McDonald's.  You need to eat smarter to help your workouts achieve the goal.

And we don't have the time that some actors have to work at it and get paid to do it!

Secondly, back in the day, I used to ride my bike a lot and was always popping wheelies.  Not much more than that, and I ended up with a bit of a washboard for that motion of pulling up and back on the handle bars.

So that's my first clue about something that might work.

But as I searched the web there were a lot of results for getting that six-pack tummy.  I decided to filter through the obvious results, those being sources with something to sell.

And then I saw an article on WebMD.  Hmm, not a gym, not one of those stupid a** answer boards where everyone chimes in with sales pitches or misinformed ideas or over-detailed time wasters.  But a site that is more focused on the overall package than just the one aspect of exercising.

There were three pages of words but I'll try to be succinct in my findings.

Getting The Flat Abs

Better posture.  Standing up straight pulls the belly in a bit.  Slouching tends to protrude the guy a bit. You do the math!  (Ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over knees.  Knees over ankles.)

Whole body exercises that work the core.  Pilates was suggested, crunches were deemed acceptable but not the end-all to the result.  (Pilates works obliques while crunches just work the top muscles.)

Planks is a 3-D approach to the core of abs.

Leg Lowers and seated rotations.

Review and watch your diet.

They say props aren't necessary in getting to this goal.

They remind us that there is no fast fix and this will take time.  (You know the saying, "God, grant me patience, and hurry!")

So be realistic on your time frame.

I've been working at my goals now for about three weeks and something is slowly starting to define itself, but it's not quite Channing Tatum tight yet.  LOL.


The end of the article talked about standing ab routines.  I LOVE standing workouts better than laying on the ground.

For those inclined to add these to the routine, they say try

Canoe Twist (It's an interesting exercise.)

Cat Kick (No, not actually kicking your cat.)

Pilates Zip UP. (Like an upright row...)

I've left a lot of details out so you can go hit up the site and see the details for yourself.  I wanted to share my findings from what could be a reasonable source.


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