How To Disable Lightroom Auto Import

The other day I took the dive and bought Adobe Lightroom 4 (upgraded to 4.4).  I was taking the dive because of Adobe's new hope of putting all their apps online then charging stupidly high monthly rates!

I installed Lightroom and this learning curve is driving me crazy!  But I'm adamant.  I was recently on a photojournalist job and while in the press room, I think EVERYONE in the room had an Adobe product of some sort working on their images.

But I recently noticed that when I plug in any media device, Lightroom boots up, wanting to import my images.

I'm not quite ready for being at that stage of Adobe user yet.

But I could not find, where in Lightroom, to turn it off.

I was looking in the wrong place.  You need to hit up the Windows control panel! (duh on me!)

Here's what to do to turn off auto import for Lightroom:

(This is a Windows machine I'm on...)

  • Start,
  • Control Panel,
  • (Hardware and Sound) {if you need this step}
  • Autoplay


In there, you'll probably see the options you need to modify.

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  1. I'm not seeing "Hardware/Sound" in my Control Panel to disable Auto Import in Lightroom 5!!! :-/

  2. Ah man, sorry I didn't see this comment sooner! If you see my reply, have you figured it out yet or do I need to delve deeper into this Augcott?


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