When You Adopt A Pet, Do You Plan On Keeping It?

I am getting to a point where I just don't know what to say.  When I keep reading about people who dump their pets off at shelters because

  • They're too old,
  • Moving,

And other bull*! excuses, I have to wonder what it is about a pet that appeals to people to get one?

If you're getting a dog or cat because it's cute, do you think about how you will deal with this "new family member" through the years or do you just think about the "now?"

It's such a sad thing to see dogs & cats abandoned because they're too old.  Or inconvenient.

How would you feel when you started feeling achy in your joints, started having trouble moving around and your family decides to dump you off in some prison for decrepit people that families no longer want?

Imagine spending ten years of your life with someone, then getting shoved off on some other environment, just because.  And you won't even know why.

These folks, these "persons," these animals come to trust and love you and your care, your protection.

And suddenly, to find themselves in a strange, cold cage when they need you most...  makes you a very selfish, senseless kind of person.

I know I can't change how you live, or how you treat your family members.  But I just had to vent because I think this kind of behavior is so very shallow.