My Dining Experience at Palo Alto's ‘Umami Burger’

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Today my family and I decided to check out Unami Burger in Palo Alto for the first time.  We were looking forward to this and hit up the place for an early dinner.

First up, the decor is pretty interesting.  But… despite it being a quiet part of the late afternoon, it was pretty noisy.  Like an echo chamber almost.  But that’s neither here nor there.  It wasn’t horrible.

We sat at a table near the front, and my view, looking out the windows, was of a huge UPS truck delivering goods.  When that truck vacated the spot, I thought I’d finally get a view.  But then a Fed Ex truck filled in that gap and my view was a bit joyless.  The front window seems to be a favorite spot for delivery vehicles.  It is a yellow zone.

When we were trying to order, one of my party is a vegetarian, and she ran into an interesting issue.

First, she tried swapping up a burger (Where they say you can order any burger, sans the meat patty) and getting a different cheese put on it, but they would not allow that.  Then she decided upon a different burger since she wasn’t allowed to swap cheeses, sans the meat.

Now in my mind, the common sense approach would be that if you pull the most valuable piece of the hamburger out, that there would be some form of a discount on the item.  But instead, after not being able to swap cheeses, we still got a full-price charge on the ticket for the meatless burger.

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