Facebook... Take The Hint And Save My Effing Settings While Making Billions

Oh Facebook, what will we do with you?

No matter how many times I turn off chat, you always turn it back on for me. 

No matter how often I resort my feed to "Most Recent," you always try to help by showing me what you call "Top Stories."

Facebook Profits while shoving their updates and idea on users
And so far, every time FB applies system updates to the software, users are always finding themselves receiving warnings to go check our privacy settings because you are notorious for smiting our personal preferences in the pursuit of that holy dollar.

Yes, Facebook, you might be free to users and your lack of consideration for our personal choice is the price we pay.

The price we pay for your angle on creating an even bigger marketing machine than you already are Mr. Facebook.

From the terror of end-users being mistreated, to the creator of the application making statements like he doesn't care about our privacy online (paraphrased, but accurate), there's been nothing but fun to be had using and bashing Facebook.

And let's not forget that even though you might "like" and follow a page, if you don't interact with it, FB will stop showing you the updates unless you actively click on "Get Notifications" under the Like pop-up menu.

But Facebook is free to the end-user, so the price we pay is that of getting pushed around by Facebook and its programmers.

We are at their whim.  Or in layman's terms, "Screw you" while we make a buck off you.


As it stands, Facebook stock is just under $42 a share and is valued at over $100 billion.

The value comes from you and your friends consumer demographic information.

There are aspects of your profile open to marketers that FB sells access to.  And when a marketer reviews your information, they also have access to all your friends profile information too.

It's pretty much a windfall for FB to see information that most users give freely to them.

Think about it...

Playing the games, filling out surveys, "like"ing things and what not deliver an awful lot of statistical data on the consumer, that being you.

Everything you do provides something of value to them.  Including filling out your profile to its fullest, and clicking on what movies you like and other similar functions.

In May 2013 Yahoo reported that FB has over 1 billion active users each month, equating to 665 million users a day.

That's a lot of content to be able to sell to marketing associates or clients!


So when Facebook makes a change that modifies your profile settings, or forces content days old, to pop back up on top of your feed becuase someone commented on it, rather than being confused as to why, or updates disappear from a specific page, remember, it's more about how Facebook can best leverage content for profit.

Despite that, Facebook can still be handy.

On the bright side: 

If you set up your profiles and permissions just right, not "like" or use any of their apps that want permission to peruse your profile, and keep your profile clean (minimalist), it can be a very handy communication tool for you and your family and/or friends.

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