How Vegetarians Have it Tough and Does PETA Likes Big Penises?

The first half of this piece is my funny take on things, but I wrap it up with a serious take on the world of vegetarians.


The Huffington Post is reporting a funny (sort of) piece on how PETA is asking that the National Buffalo Wing Festival ban pregnant women from their eating contests.

The reason they're making this request is because there's a study out there (they say) saying that poultry consumption has links to smaller penises!

Wait...  as PETA Associate Director said that pregnant women should think twice before their sons "come up short."


Their focus is on one statement saying "phthalates, chemical compounds that can be found in chicken, may diminish genital size."

And so the chicken support organizations never told us THAT!!!

Of course there are others that say that their warning is half-cooked.

= = =

Of course, PETA uses this opportunity to go into the suffering of our poor food source, and how they're hung upside by their legs and left that way before being slaughtered and dipped in scalding fluids to defeather them, while alive.

All joking aside, some organizations do tend to treat their livestock horribly, with no concern for their suffering.  My latest piece, a film I reviewed called Vegucated.  It was about taking meat eaters and seeing of they could last as vegans for a while.

But then they went into some aspects of the food industry.

They showed undercover footage of how piglets and pigs were dumped in scalding oil and turned and spun while screaming their lungs out, all to skin them efficiently.

Or another great film I reviewed, Temple Grandin, where one woman fought to make a difference in the cattle slaughter industry.

I've been privy to footage of what a kosher kill is, where they hung the cow upside down and sliced its throat, letting it bleed out while screaming.  And these poor creatures, if you weren't looking, would think it was a person screaming.


It's always fascinating to see the non-meat side of life.  My wife, being a vegetarian, I have a chance to see that side of the eating world and what they have to go through.

There are so many products out there that you'd think is vegetarian, but beef fat and what not are added to products to make them taste better to most folks.  Heck, even at one point McDonald's fries were not vegetarian.

It's a sad fight a vegetarian has to go through to not eat meat.

And to see some of the statistics and how many more resources are used to help create a hamburger, versus a decent salad is a serious eye-opener.


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