In Washington, It's Legal to Blow Up Dogs (Because they don't suffer???)

Let me get this straight, a man blows up a Labrador Retriever.  We'll call him the soul-less a-hole (SAH).  He gets tossed in jail, on a $500k bail, but it's not for blowing up the dog.

That's because the laws in Washington state address animal suffering, and not a-hole behavior against animals.


This SAH (Christopher Dillingham) (allegedly) blew up his daughter's dog because he was having a dispute with her. And originally, they did arrest the man on animal cruelty charges, that were later dropped.

He does have other issues with other chargers being brought against him for using explosives, where he could get a 22-year jail term, so there's that.

But my jaw dropped that the animal cruelty charges were dropped.  Seriously, how defined do the laws have to be to have some kind of statute brought against this man?  This might have been the heat of the moment, but he had to think it out to grab explosives (they run a fireworks shop), grab the dog, and make this situation happen.

Oh wait!  They say they're reviewing the animal cruelty statutes to see if they could bring more charges against this SAH.  OH Goody, I feel so much better now.


Lesson learned here is that if the state of Washington has a terse perspective on the lives of animals under the care of humans.

Don't move there if you love your pets!  Sheesh!  No matter how many times I see this s***, it amazes me how people can degenerate to treating animals like things.

Here's the ABC news article if you're interested.

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