Lost Puppy Found Paddling in Middle of SF Bay (Seriously!)

What a weird and wonderful tale of a lost puppy and its rescue.

It seems some windsurfers were spotted gathered around in a cluster with their sails down by a man who was commuting home from SF to Berkley in his little boat.

He headed over to see what was up, in case anyone needed help, and he saw that the windsurfers had picked up the young black lab puppy from the water.

The little guy was just out there in the Bay, paddling away.

The man in the boat, Adam Cohen, offered and took the tired and wet pup with him in his boat.

He took him home, warmed him up and the next day had the little guy checked out.  All is fine with the puppy except, without a microchip, they don't know who is owner is.  (He looked healthy and well cared for... except for that losing in the ocean part.)

BTW:  The windsurfers were trying to cajole the Coast Guard to come get the dog when Adam happened upon the scene.

The rescuer wants to return the dog to its owner, if they can find it.  But they are also willing to keep the dog if they can't.


How the heck a dog finds itself swimming in the Bay?  Good question.  Maybe it fell out of a boat or it got seriously confused or as most dog owners don't seem to get, it could have been frightened by something and the "fight or flight" mode kicked and the dog found itself in the water, confused and disoriented.

I would love to see how this story pans out, but hey, if anyone knows someone who lost a black lab mix at sea, well, there might be good news on the horizon.

Or, someone is so blasted stupid, they should not even be given the chance of being reunited with the dog.

Either way... it's a feel good, rescue story!

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