PageRank - Another Ubiquitous Change From Google

Over at SER they've made an interesting observation that Google has not made their usual scheduled website PageRank update like they usually do.

They've contended that Google usually changes their PageRank data every 4 months at most, but the last update was back in February, 6 months ago.

They don't seem too agitated by the change, stating that they're in favor of dropping PageRank (Google Shills?).

Me...  I presume this, if it's a valid observation, is yet another step towards weighting their Google+ platform and the Authorship associated with it.  Or they could be caught up in the myriad of changes they continue to make to "improve" their processes on the back end.


I'm not against of for all the changes that Google is making to the internet itself.  But damn, the last time someone tried to game the system, the justice department came down like Thor's hammer on Microsoft.

Google is changing things and they are taking swipes at and destroying the little guy or smaller websites.  And they're blatantly using their Google+ (can we say the new Facebook?) social network to sway web authors into using it.

By using Google+, you can supposedly get an online author ranking, which seems to slowly be outranking page ranking for websites.  If you sign up and use G+ and all related processes to it, that is.

But the honest little guy is getting smite in the process.

After some of their changes, there were a few things I ranked no. 1 for on the web at my parent website and I had customers coming to my site for those few things.

But after the changes, I now sit on the third or fourth page of results, despite doing nothing different on my end.

I had a nice income from Google Adsense that was building up, but then, it has dwindled to literally, a little bit of beer money, so to speak.

(Oh, here's a kicker... after having been a Google Adsense customer for over ten years, I just got an email from them, saying I could make money using Adsense and that I should join!

Yep, something's afoul at those Mountainview, CA offices, that's for sure.)


What I find odd is how they still pitch Adsense to everyone while dinging and destroying good, honest, valid websites that are trying to carve a niche out of the web for themselves.

Eh, it's all part of the game I guess.  That game, being that the web will only be for the big business entities.  Period.

To be honest, it seemed inevitable.

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  1. Over at SEE they've created a noteworthy observation that Google has not created their usual scheduled web site pagerank update like they sometimes do.


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