Stopping Your SVCHOST From using 100% of Your CPU

Disclaimer:  This really isn't a fix, but what I did, did stop it and I haven't seen this issue in a while since.

Ever notice that at times, you can't get anything done on your computer because svchost is taking up all of your available CPU?  It's pretty annoying, and supposedly Microsoft put out a patch to take care of that, yet the patch/fix doesn't seem to have actually taken.

For me, my quick fix is the following:

I just open up my Windows Task Manager, highlight the app that's causing the high CPU usage and hit delete, getting rid of it.


If you look around, the web is full of "answers" to the problem, but they don't seem to actually address the issue.  Instead, the answers by well intended folks go on and on about every thing but the issue, talking about what might be causing it.  Or you're directed to an unknown application to see or identify the problem.

These answer boards are pretty annoying 90% of the time because of that.  Gads, I hate and don't trust most answer boards.  Even though they mean well.


If you must know details, you can head out, locate an MS app called Process Explorer and install and run it.

Once installed and running, you can hover your mouse over the svchost session that's freaking out on you and PE will show you what app is making this happen.

I didn't do that, I just smite the damn thing in its tracks and I've been OK.  Of course I have no clue what I did smite that was causing it, but my Anti-Virus and Firewalls are up and running, so I'm OK with whatever I ran over.


Another suggestion out there is to Visit the Microsoft website and Download Windows Update v3 WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe and run that.

But I hate things that require one to reboot into safe mode, so I'm not officially endorsing that premise.  A good working application does not need to be run in safe mode!

So for now, amid the myriad of suggestions, here's hoping this might help you out in the interim.

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