Help, My Arrow Keys Don't Move my Excel Active Cell!!!

The other day I had cranked out my Excel installation to do some quick math.  But when I opened up the program, I noticed that when I used my arrow keys to move my active cell, instead, my page/screen slid around.

I was pretty miffed.

But for me, I have one of those keyboards that does not have lights to tell you when Caps Lock or Num Lock or Scroll Lock buttons have been pressed and hence, the function turned on.

And when I picked up my wireless keyboard, I must have pressed the Scroll Lock button up near the top-right of the keyboard.

Hit that Scroll Lock button once and see if that fixes your page-scrolling issues and you may have control over moving your active cell location once again!

Yea.. this new trend of no lights on a keyboard is killing me.  I WANT to see when my Caps Lock or Num Lock or Scroll Lock keys are pressed.  Ug.

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