Instagram Thumbs Their Nose at Non Smartphone Users

The other day I was looking to sign up for an Instagram account for my website.  I hit it up and started looking around, but nowhere could I find a signup link.

Not even a "if you want to sign up" link.

I had to leave the site and use a search engine to figure out that Instagram will only let you create an account if you have a smartphone that can download their app.

That's because the only way to create an account is through the app.

Well that's not very neighborly, that's for sure.


In my travels on the web I also encountered an interesting aspect, in that if you don't use your account in some pre-determined amount of time, the service will shut your account down.  And I've seen plenty of bulletin board entries where folks one day just could not get on their account, because, it was shut down.

I was curious about the time frame, but unlike Twitter that spells it outright that inactive accounts are those that sit idle for six months, nowhere, does Instagram tell you how long this magic number is.


I even started digging around in their terms of service section to see if, like other businesses, this magic time frame is annotated there.  It's not.

But I did come across an interesting tidbit, where they say do not send them ideas or suggestions, because they don't accept ideas or suggestions.  But then they say, if they use your idea or suggestion, you will not be owed any monies.


The terms aren't evil.  They're just like what most service terms are like, and that's self-protective.

So to you folks who don't have a cell phone, or don't have a smartphone, it seems that Instagram says screw you, we don't need your business!

Curious, indeed!

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