Jersey the Kelpie Needs A Home

I was sought out to connect with some folks I know to see if we can  help rehome a 5-yr-old Kelpie.

This is the story that I know:

About Jersey:

1. Wagaroo profile and more photos:

2. Video of her in action w/clicker training:

3. People can also share her profile and photo via our Facebook page. We posted about her a couple times this week. We're at

Here's an excerpt of the original letter Jersey's family wrote us in May. They've wrestled with this decision for a long time and really want what's best for Jersey in the long run. 

---My wife and I are expecting a baby in a few weeks and, after months of discussion, we have come to the conclusion that we just won't be able to provide Jersey with the lifestyle she needs.  She is a very active working dog who needs daily exercise.  With both of us working and raising a newborn, we don't think we can give her this life and want to find a forever home for her where she can run and be happy.

Jersey was a stray before we adopted her in 2010 but my wife and I have put her through obedience training.  She successfully passed Obedience 1 and Obedience 2 and graduated at the top of her class in both.  She knows all of her basic commands (sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, roll over, relax exc.)  You can literally place a dog treat on her paw and she will leave it until you tell her she can have it.  She can sit from a distance and hold her position until her owner returns. Jersey is highly food motivated and learns very quickly.  She does not have perfect leash manners, but with practice she would be a great leash dog.  Jersey is amazingly agile and would be a great companion for anyone who wanted to pursue agility training or have a dog to go running with.

Jersey has an odd habit of suddenly grabbing people's shoes.  It is an unpredictable behavior that we're told is a result of her herding instincts.  She has never hurt anyone from this behavior, but it does frighten some folks.  Because Jersey was a stray she does have resource guarding tendencies and should be an only dog.  Because of her high energy, and her resource guarding, we don't feel that she would fit well with a family that has young kids or toddlers. 
My wife and I would love an opportunity to work with you and find a happy home for our baby girl.  Jersey is a loving dog who, once bonded, will be a loyal companion to any family.  She loves to play catch with a tennis ball and loves tummy rubs.  She's a kisser and will lick your face forever if you let her.  Giving her up is one of the hardest decisions we've had to make.  

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