Lightroom: No Photos Found To Import (A Fix That Worked for Me)

There I was, looking at a folder in Lightroom (4.x) and when I went to import the files in this folder, I got the error message, "No Photos Found to Import."  What???  Here's the story behind this self-induced snag.

The other day I had about 1800 pictures in a folder, and I had split up the files into multiple folders.  After I did that, I synced my files.

Then, there were a select set of images I wanted to work on.  Rather than trying to find them in the mix of eight hundred images that I had in one folder, I moved them (In a different application) from the top-folder to a sub-folder.

I then went back to Lightroom and went to the sub-folder and tried to import and synchronize the images in there.

But I kept getting the "No Photos Found to Import" message from Lightroom.


Now maybe I did this to myself by stepping out of Lightroom and using a different application to move the images.

But what I did to get around this situation was that I went back to Lightroom, and synchronized my top-folder, then when I went into the sub-folder, the pics that I had moved there then showed up.


This may not work for most folks, because from what I'm seeing out there, other folks have different issues with the error message.

But if the images you are having a problem with are in a sub-folder, maybe you need to synch the folder or folders above it.

That's all I got for ya!


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