Need That Winning Game Piece For McDonald's 2013 Monopoly Game?

OK, so McDonald's had another Monopoly game, where you buy more of the junk food by super-sizing or ordering things you don't normally order, or even by going to the franchise that you may not normally frequent. 

All in the hopes of maybe winning something good.

The temptations are pretty good.  They said there was a 1-in-4 chance of winning, and some of the fare, though not particularly healthy for anyone standing upright, is still pretty tempting, like a good apple fritter. (My weakness)

Well, I for one destroyed their sales pitch about 1-in-4 odds.  I have 17 playing pieces and only had 1 winner.  So to speak.  (Free fries... win instantly, get heavier later!)

But hey, so I didn't win anything.  But I have all these tickets laying around and I got to wondering.

What if, even though I didn't win, I might have that final playing piece someone else needs to win?  I didn't go to McDonald's all that often, so I didn't get that many tickets in the long run.

So here's my spin on this... and maybe, we can be winners together.

I have the following tickets... and if between you and me, we have a winner, we can sort out the details between us.  Sound fair?

Here's my list of losing 2013 Monopoly Game pieces, by ticket number:

#436, #437

#443, #444
#445, #447.
#448, #449
#453, #454

That's all I got.  Let's see what happens.

--  Bruce
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