THE USPS Is In Trouble... Gee, I Wonder Why

Sept 23, 2013: The other day I overheard a news report saying that the USPS was considering an emergency rate hike to save its languishing financial ass.

Is anyone surprised?

In case you're wondering how the Postal Service lasted this long, it's simple when you are one of only a few options when it came to carrying the mail.

But over the last ten to fifteen years, the USPS has been behind the curve in adapting to the new landscape that is the electronic age.  While we're shuffling PDF files and what not back and forth on the web, they've still got grunts delivering JUNK MAIL to your mailbox.

Seriously, junk mail?  When's the last time you got a bill in the mail?  (OK, I know some folks stick with the tried and true methods, but these days, more and folks are leaning towards this e-lifestyle.)

When everyone else is sending emails, they haven't thought of branching out and starting an email server service.  I mean they deliver mail, why don't they deliver email?  POBOX dot com does it!

But then again, the USPS has had its issues.

Now granted, they've been an easy target over the years since they were one of few carrier providers and when they make a mistake, well, it's hard to miss.

But then over the years, there's the crap that consumers have had to put up with that seem fixable.

For example,

Having problems with a route carrier, and then having the supervisor giving you their contact info to deal with them.

Recently we mailed something to my niece.  Someone in the postal system actually tore open the envelope and stole the bracelet that was in it.

My latest fun is a "" service that apprises me of the location of a package.

My package was scanned,
September 19, 2013     15:03:00     01106     Electronic Notification

The note at the bottom of the page says "Shipment status is updated every evening."

My last update the first scan on the 19th.  Today is the 23rd.

Yes... USPS, there's a reason you're floundering.  Grab a mirror and take a look.  You've been sitting on your laurels and over-charging the world.  Now that you're not the only game in town, things don't seem to great, do they?

OK, thank you for reading this vent.  Now back to our regularly scheduled email checks!

UPDATE #1, 9/24/13:

My package was dropped off on 9/19.

On 9/23 the drop off was "accepted."

on 9/24 it left the "sort facility."

Seriously?  I could leave a package with UPS and it's on the road that night.  My package is dropped off with the USPS and is on the road in FIVE DAYS?

UPDATE #2: 9/25/13:

According to the website, my package has been delivered today.  That's six days.

That took six days to deliver, and from what I can tell, it spent almost five of those days in Massachusetts for heading out in transit.

If this weren't an entrenched business, I feel it would have gone under long ago.  My vote... is for no emergency funding.  Force them to figure out better ways and make them work.

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