Google: No Page Rank, Penguin Update + More

More Google Changes impacting YOUR SEO


If you've been wondering where the hell your 'Google Page Rank' change has gone and why you haven't seen it, well, Google is yet again making more changes that will impact the big picture and leaving you wondering what's up.

It's been eight months since we've seen any page rank updates and per Google's mouth-piece, Matt Cutts, in short, he said he'd be surprised if we saw an update before 2014 gets here.

I know that 'page rank' is not the end all to any of our SEO focuses, but it's nice to see some kind of feedback, that's in addition to actual internet traffic stats.

What few we're being allowed to see these days.

BCB Prediction:

As it is, as we continually watch Google make subtle but constant changes to their processes, I would not be surprised to see 'page rank' return but in the form of some kind of 'author rank' that's tied in to their Facebook mimic, Google+.

Why else would an update be stalled or ignore this long, unless they were making yet one more change designed towards forcing web authors to G+?

Don't forget, in their push to get more people to Google Plus, they're converting YouTube comments over to G+ only profiled users sometime down the road.  Yep, they figured out how to get more non-author type folks from the real web to the G+ world. 

Web authors, being that we are a prolific part of the web population, have already been lured (forced?) to G+. 

I had no use for G+ until some months after my main site started tanking from the Panda and Penguin updates, that I can help my web search results by joining G+ and creating my "author" profile.

They've changed something in how Gmail works.  It's not as easily edited as it used to be.

Google docs has become Google Drive, the once easily clickable black tool bar on top of Gmail has become a rectangular menu requiring more clicks to get where you want, and if you've signed up for YouTube with a specific user name that isn't your real name, they keep badgering you to change your profile there to your G+ name.

Do you remember when Google Plus came out?  No One Cared.  They're making it so you have to care.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad product at all... it does the trick properly.  It's just that the last time someone tried to coerce their consumer base onto another product, the Justice Department came slamming down hard on them.  (Remember  when MS tried to bundle IE with Office?)

That, and OMG, who needs yet one more social network to have to pander to???

Did you notice anything recently in your search hits?  If you think you did, you did.

It's been reported that last Friday Google unleashed the carnivorous Penguin 2.1 on the world, with the usual fanfare, or lack thereof.  Unless you count the standard, it only impacted "about 1% of search queries" press statement.

I know 1% seems like nothing to many.  But according to Statistic Brain, back in 2012, they estimated 5.1 billion searches were being conducted each day.  And that's bound to be higher for 2013, since this number seems to increase by a billion each year since 2008.

So then, let's guestimate 6.1 billion searches each day.

If this change impacted less than 1% of all searches, then it impacts around 61 million Google web searches per day.

And to be honest, I can't begin to calculate how often they've said their changes impact less than 1% of all searches.

I gotta say, as my itsy-bitsy corner of the web keeps getting impacted by change after change, and after I keep hearing how using Google Plus will help me, well...

When a horse is stranded in a desert, signs pointing to water are hard to ignore.

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