Review: McDonald's Hot Wings (Mighty Wings) Are Might Tasty

As is the case, one  of my guilty pleasures is McDonald's.  I can't help it.  I think when done right, they have some of the best fries around.  And I happen to love their Filet 'O Fish sandwiches because they're so simple and to the point. Like their basic cheeseburgers.

McDonald's Mighty Hot Wings review

When they come out with new products, sometimes I check them out.  In the case of the new hot wings offering, well, if it's a hot wing, I have to check it out.  (Yes, hot wings are another GP.)

I found myself trying them out on two different occasions.  Because, hey, two data points are better than one, right?

What I found was that this new football season offering is pretty good.

The hot wings are not scrawny, are lightly breaded, and have a mild spicy kick to them.  (I ordered as is) I also chose the creamy ranch dipping.

And don't be fooled, the five-piece meal is sufficient for most days, so don't let your eyes act bigger than your stomach.  (A non-stop problem form me.)

The spice is probably considered mild to a light-medium.  If you have a high tolerance for spicy, you would think they're close to bland.  But if you are sensitive to spicy, you might appreciate them.  But to be safe, bring a friend, (ME!) just in case you find them too spicy.

On the two visits I made to test these wings, I did get the creamy ranch dressing dip.  It's nice on the wings, even, IMO, they don't need them.

But the package sizes varied from one day to the next.  The first time I visited, the package was big enough to dip the wings in.  But the next day, the package was the standard dressing package size, and believe it or not, the wings are too big for dipping into them.  Yes, I said too big.

So if you get the standard size dipping packages with your wings, get a coffee stir stick or ask for a utensil.

The wings do remind me of a KFC product, but to be honest, better than.


They're not too cheap, but cheap enough for a quickie lunch, dinner or football game run.

They do come with several sauces, but sadly, they wings are only here until November, and go away, I presume, when the regular football season comes to a close.

Cute promotional page, tied in to the TV ads where the athletes wings disappear.

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