Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Traumatized Dog Needs Adoption in Winston-Salem Region

Dog Needs Adoption in Winston-Salem Region

A fellow member of my FB Australian Cattle Dog group posted a CraigsList ad for a dog that needs adoption.  Apparently it has some form of trauma and is very, very, very shy about playing or anything.  But the person who has her now may not get that.

The person who adopted this dog is one of "those" folks that gets a dog as a novelty and not a commitment, considering that he adopted it out of sympathy, and is now moving to a place that does not allow pets.

The big problem with this offer is that the original post was pulled, and the anon email address is rejecting contacts.

It seems that the poster is getting attacked for his choice of verbiage...

"she cannot keep up as a serious jogging partner"

"Has stuck close to an unfenced residence and not run away when let outside unmonitored on a daily basis. (Well... I tried... but she won't leave.)"

"She's cool with pretty much anything... dressing her up in costumes, drawing on her with a sharpie..."

This is the original link, https://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/pet/4153266780.html

And the replies range for "let us please help" to, well, not pretty.  And those are understandable.  But I think they've driven this person underground and now my FB ACD group friends are worried for the dog.

I was originally going to post about anyone in or near the Winston-Salem area who could help, but I fear this is going to become a search and rescue to eventually find the poor pup.

It's so sad.

Let's think about the soon to be up-for-adoption pup and if you somehow get in contact with this person, be kind to them, thinking of the dog, not the person.  Let the person be welcomed to give up the dog.  In this case, the dog will find a better, more compassionate home, and in this case, the rehoming of the dog will do it the world of good.

Keep your eyes peeled folks!  And let's hope this dog gets a happy ending.

Original Text from AD:

Found this 20lb. mixed breed dog last Christmas in Monterey Park, Los Angeles. According to what the vet says, she's probably 2.5 years old now. Looks like a Jack Russell's drug-addled second cousin (but she's healthy).

PROS: Does not bark, or shed much to speak of. House trained. Does not overeat, so you can just leave her dry dog food in a bowl and refill when it's empty. Has stuck close to an unfenced residence and not run away when let outside unmonitored on a daily basis. (Well... I tried... but she won't leave.)

CONS: Does not know what 'play' is. If you throw a ball at her, she will run and hide. Any treats given to her have to be handed directly (thrown ones will scare her). More importantly, she cannot keep up as a serious jogging partner.

Friendly and compliant, will sit in your lap if you put her there. Not the cleverest about "jumping" or other "tricks". Never seen a dog where chasing a treat thrown was a "trick"... but to her, that's a trick.

Took in for sympathy, but planning a downtown move where dogs won't be welcome. Would make a good pet for someone who wants a non-barking, non-biting, non-playing dog just to hang out with. She's cool with pretty much anything... dressing her up in costumes, drawing on her with a sharpie, no problem. (Just don't throw a treat toward her.)

Food, crate, harness, leash, rawhide chews, flea bath additives, etc. included.

  • Location: Pfafftown
Below, are a pile of replies... I've marked the one I like best, since there are terrible people out there that scour the web:

http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/pet/4158351209.html <<

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