GMAIL SPAM ALERT And Some Advice For The Newbie Web Surfer

Email spam alert and advice

Hey gang, the last few days I've started to get some SPAM in my inbox from the "GOOGLE TEAM."

In each case, the message more or less says...

"Due to our recent upgrades,it is mandatory that you update your mailbox details. Follow the link for updates on our server.  Click  -Account Upgrade- and fill-in. Its mandatory all fields are filled.

Thank you.
2013 Gmail"

The words "Account Upgrade" are a link in the mail message.

Before you instincively click on the link, if you hover your mouse over the link, your browser should show you in the lower left corner, exactly where this ACCOUNT UPGRADE will take you to 'strictlythehottestradio' website.

Yes, strictlythehottestradio is SPAM.

At least as far as I can tell, since they're misrespresenting the pitch.


Here's an example of what I was saying about hovering your mouse:

Check this out... if you hover your mouse over ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, look in the corner of your browser and you'll see the link is pointing to my TV/Movie website, Cinema Static.

Remember, if any business or organization "sends" you email asking you for information at a link, CLOSE THAT EMAIL, go to a new web browser window, and log into your account with that service provider there.

If you have any messages from them, you should see some notice under your account that you have a message.

It's crazy, the amount of stupid crap that floats around the net and lands in your inbox.

Remember, if it's an unsolicited offer or opportunity, (even, in some cases, from friends and family) just close and delete.  (Or if you feel just vindictive enough, mark them as spam to help your ISP identify this crap.)

If it's something from a "friend," just send them a separate email asking if they did send you something.


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