Obamacare: The Forced Solution?

This is a piece annotating my observations of how the Obamacare health care system seems to be impacting people, and seemingly, not in a good way, nor as promised.


I seriously do not know what to think about this ObamaCare debacle.  Up in Canada they have a government funded medical system that I have not heard horrible things about.  Yet here, I can't help but wonder if this ObamaCare system will ever attain that level.

Here, I'm seeing a lot of horrible news bits about the org.

The website debacles for one, how very few are signing up.  And then there's pieces that catch my eye that horrify me.

Wall Street Journal addresses how many folks are forced to drop their present doctors.  Including in one example, where a man is forced to drop the medical support system he is comfortable with, that's helping him fight his cancer.

Or be forced to pay 40-50% more on premiums to keep his care team:



Or how many looking at the new plans see how it will cost them much, much more to get insurance under the plan, while funding medical coverage for those who qualify.

sfgate: Health-insurance-shoppers-suffer-sticker-shock


Or retired persons being forced to drop what plans they can afford, looking at premiums going up, in one case, from $700/mo ($2,500 deductible) to $1,275/mo ($12,700 deductible.).  Wow.

newsherald: sticker-shock-follows-insurance-cancellation


To me, slapping this new plan out and seemingly screwing over millions of folks, seems rather hostile and short-sighted.  Estimates for CA say almost a million folks will be impacted and forced to change from what medical insurance they've been affording, to the new plans.

I've seen friends mention how their insurance fees seem to be almost doubling on them as they're forced to leave their own doctor networks that can't or won't participate in this new plan.

I don't get how this can be done to the American people, and how it was allowed to happen.

What happened to the quote from Obama, saying Americans can keep their present plans if they wanted to?

beforeitsnews: 3-5-million-have-lost-health-coverage


Here's hoping this is just one horrible speed bump in the implementation of this new plan and that the present administration fixes things pretty quickly.

If not, I have a bad feeling someone's approval rating could hit all-time new historical lows.

But I'm just repeating what I'm seeing.  I'm still forming an actual opinion, while setting out this consumer heads up for anyone out there who might be impacted by this new change.

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