Filtering Your Facebook Friends or Pages

Facebook - filtering your wall feed from Friends posts

It's bad enough that Facebook chooses to stop showing you updates of folks or pages that you like, depending on your interaction level with those entities, but then there's the flip side of it all.  That being if pages or friends tend to make noise that you might not want to see.  (AKA, political opinions, global warming ignorance, or just plain old, crazy, cranked out updates every hour on the hour, all day long.)

Or have you commented on something and suddenly you are getting all the replies or they replies have gone off-subject... that's an easy fix too.

First,  what can you do if you have friends or pages that spout off about things you don't need to see?

I mean seriously, I can only take so many posts about underwater basket weaving, and posting about it nearly every hour is driving me insane!


To be honest, it's a pretty easy fix that does not require unfriending anyone.

Basically, it goes like this:

Click on your friend's link, taking you to their own page/account feed/profile.

Hover your mouse over the checked "Friends" tab.

If "Get Notifications" is checked, uncheck that.

If it's not checked, you might have noticed to the right of the "Friends" tab a thing checked saying "Following."  (Yes, that's something new that I didn't know had been introduced... probably forgot whenever it was mentioned.)

Uncheck that.

Boom!  There ya go, no more crazy updates.

BUT, you are still friends and if you stay on top of things, you can always start typing their name in the Facebook search window, bringing up their page/timeline, and seeing what new stuff they've yakked about.

It's a handy way to stay in touch and keeps your sanity all the more level.  Oh, and this does not filter out when anyone likes things you have said or done.

Now if you've commented on a post in Facebook, whether it be a friend's update, or an organization's page post, and suddenly the commentary is either going on and on or has gotten off-subject, there's an easy way to fix that too.

The next time you see an update telling you about the 1000th new comment, click on the link that takes you to that post/update you commented or liked, and at the very top of that post is an option that says something to the effect, "Stop Notifications."

Boom, your sanity is restored and your inbox is lighter.  (And don't worry, people can still like your comments and you will be apprised of that!)

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