I Finally Beat Droid's "Circle Widget" w AccuWeather

Beat Droid's "Circle Widget" w AccuWeather

On my Droid RAZR M I have this Circle Widget that showed me Time, weather and Battery Power Level.

It takes up space and my biggest pet peeve is the horrible inaccuracies of AccuWeather's information that is provided via Droid's circle.

And despite my every effort, I could not find or figure out how to change the source of my weather information.  (All the suggestions I found for changing the service did not work out on my RAZR.)

I had no options but then I hit on an idea.

I deleted the Circles Widget, which made a ton of space on my phone's home page. 

Then I added a 2x2 Weather.com widget and 'Battery Widget' by 'ELVISION' to my desktop to replace the Circles.  Since I already have the time in the upper right corner of my screen, I don't need to add a digital clock.

To be honest, I actually really enjoyed the Circles widget and have nothing against it.  But Accuweather is such a consistently incorrect service that despite repeated efforts and comparison testing, I found it just too stupid to keep on my home screen.

Time and time again, the live weather numbers for me are off at least by five degrees, usually somewhere between five and ten degrees.  I've got pictures of blue skies when the service said it was raining.

It's just plumb crazy.  So now I have weather.com's widget, which is much closer to the numbers I see in my backyard and bank sign numbers, and I like my "battery use" much more than the other one in the Circles.

Plus, with removing the Circles widget, it was a great bonus where I could put additional, more useful shortcuts in the space it took up!
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