I Hate The New Facebook Popups

New Facebook Popups.... I'm not fond of them

Facebook is about getting people to link and click.  The more the merrier, as it makes the advertisers on Facebook happier.  With that premise in mind Facebook has to come up with methods (or tricks if you will) to get that linking to happen.  And all the while, try to filter out the clutter that might block money worthy advertiser posts.

Most people don't care.  They're little fleshy link-clickers... mindlessly following the interesting things that get in their face, forgetting where or what they were originally doing.  But some folks do take notice of their online life and would rather have control of it.  (Am I off on that mark?)

As far as advertisers go....

The below image are samples of what my feed shows me... from ads geared towards my age, my region and even my likes (that Star Trek Enterprise ad is a total lie... there was no destroyed ship at the other end of that link.  Anywhere!)  And seriously, Ryan Reynolds looking like that?  LOL.

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As you can see, top notch advertisers all the way!

So first, the gang at Facebook comes up with the algorithm to have content you've "Liked" to follow, drop off your feed if you don't interact with it in some way.  (Called the Edgerank algo)

As many, many page admins have noted, only about 10% of their subscribed folks end up seeing their updates, making the FB feed possibly quite useless.

Which for the page admin folks, really sucks.

If you don't want to lose updates to a page you've liked, I've outlined what you need to do at this link:  Keep Following All Facebook Pages You Like.

But I HAVE TO WARN YOU... if you apply this process to all the pages you've liked, there will be literally a ton of content that will pass you by in the noise of everything you've subscribed to.  So use this method sparingly.  Otherwise your FB feed will start acting and looking like your overcrowded Twitter feed.


And now they've started showing you reminders of what your friends or pages you liked are and have done.  And now, they have this new, and completely annoying function of a popup that badgers you every time you start the app, telling you how many new notices you haven't looked at yet.

Seriously.  It's annoying as all get out and I hope that they get enough feedback to stop the popup madness.  (But that might be my bias, since I can't stand popups on my desktop.  MY desktop.  Not theirs.  Just sayin'.  It's like ads popping up in the middle of your living room floor.  Your private, personal space.  Yes, that's how I feel about my desktop.  It's mine, not theirs.)

Then again, I tend to run FireFox with AdBlock and NoScript and most of that noise is eliminated.  (Unless you like the ads, then don't!)

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