Door Knob Sues NASA To Chase Aliens

Last week the Mars rover, Opportunity, apparently bumped a rock in it's travels.  During a pass by a location, there was a nice path, and the next time by, there was a rock there.

Oh, the mysteries!

NASA said that they examined the new "visitor" and decided it was a rock.  No Transformers, no invading aliens, just a rock.

But now a Dr Rhawn Joseph is suing NASA to investigate the rock further, because "there's more to the mineral than meets the eye."

He says the rock is actually growing spores.

So there ya go.

Apparently NASA's refusal to continue to take more detailed images of the thing they feel is a rock, is spiking this guys ire, to the point of suing NASA to make them look at it more.


On one side, this could be just another thing that gets slapped into the same box as all the people that divested themselves of all their money for the rapture.

On the other hand, if he is actually on to something, dang...  that would be cool!

But since NASA said they looked at it and there's nothing to it, well, it's either a huge cover up (but then why publicize the pic) or it's a rock.

{source for further review: Huffington Post}
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