Google Makes Your GOOGLE+ Contacts Available Through Gmail

Well, it was bound to happen.  Google has now added a feature to GMAIL that allows Google+ contacts to send you email, even if they don't have your email address.

Nice, huh?

Turns out that now, in GMAIL, when you start writing your emails, it will suggest connections to write to from the list of connections you have in your Google+ profile.


They say that email addresses will remain hidden from the other parties unless/until you reply.  So if you want to tell them to bugger off, they'll get your email address.

They say that if someone from outside your circles contacts you, the email will be slotted into the "Social Category" of your inbox, if you still have those gmail inbox options.

There is a way to keep the Google+ world out of your pocket via a setting in your GMAIL app.


There, it tells you to go to settings, scroll down to "Email via Google+" and choose your option.  (I chose NO ONE).


This is yet one more step for Google as they mold their Google+ social platform toward it's inevitable end-game, being THE largest web entity on the planet and focusing their advertising campaigns into an even more successful project.

From their search engine updates, the web authorship program, and oodles of other changes, Google is slowly and inexorably inching towards a Goliath web presence outside of their obvious property, the search engine.

I remember when they started Google+, no one cared.  But then they started implicating search results via the platform.  If a web author/blogger wanted better search engine traction, they needed a profile on their Facebook-like competitor.

Then they instigated changes in their search algorithms that pretty much destroyed incoming web traffic for most bloggers.

But then Google+ offered authorship... well, suggested it, and that having a G+ profile would help.  Then they started letting sloppy web links ding website traffic.  In other words, if stupid-ass-website were to link to me, without my knowledge, or out of my control, this link would devalue my site's ranking.

And now I have to monitor and take actions to resolve ahole links to my site, if I want to not lose my ranking strength.

Of course there's their push to have authors rank via social media.  That means more work on our backs, forcing those with the time, to "socialize" on the web, to build a large social network.

And it just keeps going and going.


So today, Google announced their connecting Gmail to Google+ profiles.

Be aware.
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