PetSmart Employees Target Houses to Burglarize

I had never thought of this because people you trust to watch your beloved dog just don't automatically fall under the category of dirtbags.  And yet this week in a local newspaper, there was a piece on PetSmart employees targeting homes of pet owners who were boarding their dogs at their store, knowing they were away.

Alleged scum sucks Ashley Kirk and Juan Ortega-Ramos were arrested for doing just that.  Thank god they were caught.

As you very well may have pieced together, these employees would take advantage of folks checking their dogs in for extended stays at PetSmarts PetsHotel.  They would then take advantage of the information and go rob the homes of the good pet owners while they were away.

Poop heads.

And to be honest, it's scary that the place you take and entrust your pets to just might have discrupulous jerk wads (alleged) waiting to take advantage of your trust.  It's bad enough you have to keep an eye out for aholes who steal dogs to be bait in dog fighting rings, but now you have to give the pet store people an evil eye too?

Some people just plain suck.

I also want to add that this does not reflect on PetSmart itself.  There are times you just don't know who you are hiring.  The nicest of people can be the biggest surprise of all sometimes.

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