How Stupid Can Stupid People Be?

For me, sometimes "stupid" can be people who swerve to the left to make a right turn, being a traffic hazard.  Other "awesome" moves include things like stopping in the middle of the road to drop off or pick up their kids.  All while forcing cars to come to a sudden halt.

Then there are the pedestrians who charge on out into traffic against the red light.  I see that quite often and I am always amazed every time I see this stupidity.  They do it, forcing cars with the green light to stop for them.

Idiocy for sure.  (Or seriously full of themselves.)

But despite these examples, I can't help but wonder if they are fully aware that it is illegal to take weapons on airliners.  Ever since 9-11-01, it became a prevalent aspect of air travel, that you cannot even bring tiny sharp objects on an aircraft, never mind something like a gun.

I mean, it's been a fairly decent premise to never bring guns on an aircraft, but especially after 9-11.

Yet after screening 638.7 million passengers in 2013, believe it or not, during the check-in process, the TSA discovered 1,813 guns.  But wait, as if that's a crazy number, can you believe that 81% of the guns were loaded?

Yes.  And this number was up 16% from the year before.

(The airport with the most confiscated guns was Atlanta, with 111.)

Amongst these discoveries were loaded guns strapped to legs and ankles, the lining of carry-ons and inside boots.

These numbers do not include the bazooka rounds, blasting caps or C4.


Seriously, in this day and age, these fine folks make the wayward, suicidal pedestrian, and skill-challenged drivers seem less of an issue than first perceived, though no less annoying.

And to think, these fine gun-toting folks that are getting popped for being stupid at the airports, well, tread carefully, because you never know just how many folks are "packing" that aren't headed to the airport!

Check out the TSA blog post for even more crazy info!
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