Product Recalls: Car Seats, Pet Food, GM, Toyota

Today's list of recalls have already been in the news over the last few days, but in case you missed these IMPORTANT issues, there recalls involve Graco child seats, GM cars where a few fatalities were associated with the problem, some dry pet food with Salmonella and another Toyota Prius recall.

Baby Seat Recall

GRACO is recalling almost FOUR MILLION child car seats.

The recall issue is that some buckles are not coming unlatched, and the small child could become trapped in the seat.

There's a controversy that says that some infant car seats, with the same buckles, should be included in this recall.

But if requested, parents of rear-facing infant seats can request new buckles for their seats.

There's no huge health hazard, except for the issue of some parents having to resort to cutting their kids out of the seats.

See the link for seats involved in the recall:  {.nbcbayarea.}


GM Recalls Older Cars

GM is recalling their Chevy Cobalts (2005 through 07 models) and 2007+ Pontiac G5s.

The issue is a faulty ignition switch that can kill the motor without warning.

This one is a bad one.

There have been 22 crashes and 6 deaths associated with the recall.

The item is so fickle that they saw a key ring that's too heavy or a road that's too rough could actually move the ignition switch in its installed location, causing the car to cut out.

While GM is formalizing their recall, they recommend pulling off nonessential things from their keyring.

While this is going on, there have been reports of folks cars quitting just from accelerating or stopping.

GM became aware of the problem when airbags were not deploying in crashes with these cars.



Pet Food Recall From Pro-Pet

Pro-Pet LLC has announced a voluntary recall for some of their dry pet foods.

Turns out that a field test out there has indicated that some of their dry pet food, manufactured during a two-day period, could possibly be infected with Salmonella contamination.

Possible.  They're not sure.  But they're taking no chances as they've announced their voluntary warning and recall.

Salmonella can impact animals who eat contaminated product and it could be a risk to the humans who handle it.

Salmonella can be pretty nasty and infected pets can actually infect other animals and people.

Various products at risk are the

Hubbard Life Happy Hound Dog Food, Life Cat Stars Cat Food, Life Maintenance Dog Food.

Joy Combo Cat Food,

QC Plus Adult Dog Food.

For Lot codes and UPC numbers, check it out at {.fda.}


Toyota Prius Recall

Toyota has put out a recall on almost 2 million Prius cars for a problem with their on-board software that could cause the car to stall.

The problem causes transistors to break, and when those break, they cause warning lights to go off or the car power to reduce or stall.

This is another recall, after the big one back in 2009 that involved gas and brake pedals.

{for more info: .nbcbayarea.}


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