Review: 2XU Run and HeadSweats Velocity Visors

Review: 2XU Run Visor

I just ordered a few visors for running, or so I thought. They finally arrived and I get to try them out.  One of the visors I had ordered was the 2XU Run Visor.  It's a one-size-fits-all hat.

I mainly sweat from my head, so it's pretty important that I have decent gear to catch what might drip down my face, over and into my eyes or dribble down the side of my head.


I've been a stalwart wearer of Headsweats Velocity Visors, because the one I have now presses/fits across my forehead and absorbs the sweat that comes out of my brain zone.

But the latest versions of the Velocity model that I've tried no longer touch my forehead.  The material over the bill now branches up and off my head, leaving very a very small contact patch for the hat material to do its job.

Plus, in some cases, pointing straight up, they look incredibly stupid.

Observation: I've noticed that HeadSweats now only offers them in three colors, which is sort of a clue to me (maybe) they're not supporting them as much as other hat models and I expect them to either discontinue making them or scale way, way back.  (I've put in an email to them and I'll update this post if I get an answer>)

So my favorite hat is getting long in the tooth and I'm starting to try others.

One of those others is the 2XU Run visor.  The label on the inside says it's 100% nylon, but the inner liner of the visor looks like there is a token terry cloth liner in there.


Out of the box, this is one of the most comfortable visors I've ever put on.  And I was looking forward to testing it.

Today I headed out to practice my disc (legally acceptable term for those things most folks call Frisbees, but aren't that brand) throwing skills, and it's nice out. Not hot, just nice.  But as soon as I start doing any moving, as always, I tend to start sweating.

I was out for about an hour and I'd say about 25 minutes of standing around and throwing discs, I started wiping sweat from my temples and then from above my eyes.

And it dawned on me...  the 2XU Visor was not working for what I had thought it would do.  It failed miserably!

At least it failed for me.


For comfort, this is a fantastic hat.  Fits so perfectly, you almost forget you have it on.  It bill is of sufficient size to block the sun.

But if you produce a sufficient amount of sweat from your brain-cap, THIS is NOT the visor for you.

Bummer too.  Well, at least I might have something to wear for non-athletic events. 

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