X-FILE Report? The Mystery of Malaysia Flight 370

This is crazy and it's most likely, going to be a sad explanation once the mystery of Malaysia Flight 370 is solved.

The first failure is when on the Thursday before, a man buys tickets for two men who who are getting on the plane with stolen passports.  No one is checking the active worldwide list of stolen passports.

This is like when the BART cop was shot, and when officials went to review everyone's personal video recorders they wear, it turns out they were all off and the process failed miserably due to lazy discomfort.


Then the flight leaves at 12:41am, from Kuala Lumpur, headed to Beijing.

45 minutes later, the transponder on the plane stopped.

You can conjecture that it stopped, was turned off, or this is when the plane slammed into the something, or evaporated into thin-air.


70 minutes later the missing plane is suspected to have been seen on Malaysian Air Force radar over the small island of Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca.

This is hundreds of miles off its preplanned course, on the wrong side of the Malay Peninsula and headed in what's referred to as "the opposite direction" of its intended destination.


That's it.

Basic educated guesses range from mechanical failure, hijacked by terrorists, or just a huge pilot error is involved to create this situation.

This becomes one of those mystery plots of any movie or novel.  I haven't looked but I'm sure the conspiracy crazies have the U.S. pegged for this, while the UFO enthusiasts have probably said it's been abducted from mid-air for experiments on the passengers.

I don't need to visit the sites, I've seen the hoopla these folks work themselves up to.


But other tangible, reality-based perceptions wonder, what with the two fake passports that should have been flagged, if this was not a terrorist orchestrated event.  Even though, to the date of this writing, no one has come forth to claim credit.

Other suggested pieces of guess work say that the engines on the plane continued to transmit bursts of data to the engine manufacturer, Rolls Royce, for another four hours, while the usual closed-mouth Chinese and others say this is not the case.

Other conjectures suggest one of the pilots might have been in on the event, with the two falsely passported passengers, to help steal the plane, for other nefarious plans.

We don't know right now.  It's as simple as that.


What bedazzles me is with the tech available these days, how we still cannot find this plane.  But there is tech out there that many organizations don't want to let on they have.  It spoils the advantage that having the tech would present.

Hence, I believe a few folks know exactly what and where, by can't say.

As tough as that is to swallow, I can't disagree with that.

For now, we have to put up with every tiny bit of news that the media is rushing to "print."  Hell, a day after the plane went missing one of the major networks had posted saying that everyone on the plane was dead, implying they had news, but later pulled that post. (I remember seeing the headline, but don't remember the outlet.)

Along those lines, today, there has been some news that the U.S. is moving a boat off into the region west of the Malaysian peninsula due to "reasonable grounds" to do so, without further explanation.  Reasonable grounds maybe being that they had tech that pointed them in the right area and shared that they knew something.

No other explanation is needed if they find the plane so far off course, to it not being even considered a potential search location.


For now, the mystery of the plane has captured imaginations.  For many, it's a sad and potentially finite end to the flight.  For others, they've turned on their creative ideas and crowd sourcing labor to search available public satellite imagery.

Back in 2009, Air France Flight 447 disappeared on its flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.  It took five days to find any clue as to what might have actually happened to the plane and another two years to locate the wreckage in an undersea mountain range as they called it.

Which is my suspicion.  How ever it got there, the Malaysian plane is probably in the ocean.

But like I always say, time, as in all matters, will be the telling factor here.  Not crazy conjecture or the multitude of stupid media reports that are more designed for web traffic hits than to dispense actual, verified information.


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